Unbounded imagination. Visceral, nuanced performance. Unlimited worlds. A transcendent new medium, where stories aren’t just seen, they’re sensed. One that’s deeply graphic, and entirely novel. Trioscope is animation, all grown up.


Trioscope is a proprietary animated drama engine that fuses live-action with animation for a groundbreaking moving graphic novel experience. Trioscope’s patent-pending platform leaps over the uncanny valley, empowering filmmakers to capture the emotional fidelity of live-action performances and marry them with visually arresting worlds. The result is stories of unlimited scope and imagination. Trioscope delivers all the escapism of CG blockbusters and all emotional resonance of big-budget drama at a fraction of the cost.  


Headquartered in LA and Atlanta, Trioscope’s global operation spans three countries and is led by seasoned animation and television creative executives.


Co-inventor of Trioscope. Seasoned executive producer of innovative series for Netflix, Adult Swim and Discovery. Former advertising creative director on global brand content for AT&T, Mercedes and GE. 

Greg Jonkajtys 

Co-inventor of Trioscope. Director of The Liberator. Acclaimed animator, VFX artist and director. Formerly at LucasFilm/ILM working on Star Wars, Avengers, Sin City, Pan’s Labrinth among many others.

Brandon Barr
L.C. Crowley

Executive producer of groundbreaking series content for Netflix, Red Bull TV and Adult Swim. Formerly at Cartoon Network working on Adult Swim brand creative.

Co-Founder and CEO
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer